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A coding challenge to build a task tracking tool.
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Task App Coding Challenge

This is a coding challenge I created for a potential job. The stipulations are listed below:

We would like you to build a task tracking tool in a web browser or mobile app (your choice).

We recognize that this is a limited time frame to do a project in so we would like you to complete as many of the following features that you feel are reasonable. Feel free to expand on these if you feel like there is a valuable feature that we have not included below. We obviously don't expect you to do all of these tasks.

  • Task Creation
  • Sub-Task Creation
  • Task/Sub-Task Description
  • Estimated Points and/or Hours
  • Tags
  • Dependent Tasks
  • Calendar
  • Due Dates
  • Assignments
  • Prioritization of Tasks/Sub-Tasks
  • Drag and Drop Tasks (think Trello)
  • Search function (Task Name, Sub-Task Name, Tag Name)
  • Gantt Chart
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