💄 Everything can stick. Just because.
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Sticky Elements

Everything can stick. Just because.


Getting started

npm install stickyelements and insert dist/stickyelements-animate.js (or build your own bundle using src files)

Then, stick elements!

stickyElements('.item', {
  stickiness: 5,
  duration: 450


CSS selector

  • Elements that will stick to your mouse


  • stickiness [Integer, Object]: How long elements remain stick to your mouse. If integer, apply same x and y values. If object, can contain x and/or y key. Integer between 0 and 10. (Default: 3)
  • duration [Integer]: Duration in milliseconds of animation (using animateplus. (Default: 450)
  • pointer [Boolean]: Enable Pointer Events instead of Mouse Events. Elements will stick to mouse, touch and all input types (Default: false). Need PEP polyfill and touch-action attribute on each elements (follow PEP polyfill instructions).