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Ever get tired of opening up, filling out a form and waiting for it to give you your filler text? Yeah, me too. I threw this together in an hour to generate lipsum text from the command line.

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Check out the faker gem. It generates a lot of fake values for various types of data!


== Lorem by John Nunemaker

Lorem is a simple gem for outputing lorem ipsum text. I got tired of opening a browser, going to, filling out a form and waiting for it to submit. Now you can get all that lorem goodness from the command line. Yehaw!

== Usage

Usage: lorem [number] [type] (ie: lorem 5 paragraphs)
 - Number defaults to 1 if no parameters given
 - Type defaults to paragraphs
 - Available Types:
   - paragraphs
   - words
   - chars
   - characters
   lorem -p # will paste default to pasteboard on OSX
== Docs
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