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Unobtrusive javascript for links and microformats
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h1. French Maid

h2. What is French maid?

French maid is a set of unobtrusive javascript that functionally enhances your 
links, forms, and microformats.

While Rails has a set of helpers and javascripts to create ajax elements, working 
in Sinatra didn't, so I created these to help ease writing them from scratch in 
Javascript everytime.

h2. Installation

More details to come, but it depends on jQuery 1.3.2

You will also need to install the sintatra gem if you'd like to run the manual tests

h2. Manually testing

To see a page for a manual test of all its capabilities, you'll need to make sure 
that you have the sinatra gem installed.  And then simply run:

  ruby test/test.rb

And then navigate to http://localhost:4567 and start clicking around.

h2. Documentation

The documentation is along side the tests.  Just follow the instructions above 
for the manual test, and you can see the documentation along with the tests as 
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