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Welcome to the IFS wiki!

This set of documentation aims to make it easy to get set up and running with the Immediate Feedback System. Here you will also find information on building and integrating tools into IFS.

Installing IFS

Note that the IFS is under active development, and is mostly written in nodejs. This section will help you get a basic server installed.

We will be assuming that IFS will be running on a Debian-based server, though it should work on other GNU/Linux servers.

For a standard installation on a Debian or Ubuntu server, you may use the provided install script. Note that this script assumes that it is starting from a blank slate, so please modify it as required to suit your server needs.

sudo -H ./install

See the page on running IFS for configuration instructions.

System Requirements

A minimum of 1GB of RAM is recommended to accommodate memory requirements for npm/nodejs. If your system does not meet this requirement, it is possible to run IFS with at least a 1GB swapfile or swap partition. This guide should help.

It is also suggested that your system has multiple cores; while this is a given requirement for most modern software, it became apparent in testing that performance was significantly impacted on processing files that require a lot of markup.


Basic Dependencies

  • npm (4.0.3)
  • Node (6.9.4)
  • MySQL (14.14 Distrib 5.7.17)
  • Redis Server (v3.2.1)
  • Java 8

Core functionality dependencies

  • Libreoffice (for binary/xml document handling)

Tool dependencies

  1. Spell checking

    • pyHunspell

      sudo apt install hunspell libhunspell-dev
      sudo -H pip install --upgrade hunspell
  2. Grammar checking

    • Language Tool python wrapper

      sudo -H pip install --upgrade 3to2
      sudo -H pip install --upgrade language-check
  3. Word Cloud

    • Python Natural Language Processing Toolkit

      sudo -H pip install --upgrade nltk
      sudo -H pip install --upgrade numpy
  4. Programming tools

    • valgrind

      sudo apt install valgrind
    • cppCheck

      sudo apt install cppcheck


Adding tools

See the pages on creating and integrating tools.

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