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Ask not what Ubuntu can do for you but what you can do for Ubuntu?

A starting place for contributors to look for projects to work on, this html-based wizard gently guides users in the right direction depending on interests and skills, and hands off to the appropriate team web page. It's easy to edit the content, and it should properly inherit your web site's custom CSS or Wordpress Theme.

This project is HTML, with CSS and Javascript. No special requirements. Most hosting platforms should be able to handle it easily.

A version for a Wordpress child theme is also included.

Two versions for testing the community.ubuntu.com website are included, though you may wish to get those branches from Launchpad instead: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-website

A great landing page for each role is strongly recommended, but outside the scope of this tool. A great landing page usually includes sections like: Welcome, prerequisites, how to get started, how to measure your progress, and how to ask for help.

Try it out without installing anything

Installing as a standalone web page

This is handy for trying out new features and debugging without all the Wordpress overhead and interference.

  • Do:
    cd /path/to/your/web/dir/
    git clone https://github.com/ian-weisser/asknot
  • Open http://localhost/asknot/index.html in your favorite browser.
  • The .php and .stub files are not used, and can be safely removed.

Installing onto generic Wordpress as a child theme

  • Do:
    git clone https://github.com/ian-weisser/asknot
    sudo ln -s asknot/wordpress_theme /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/themes/
    sudo ln -s asknot/wordpress_theme /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/
  • Create a header file 'style.css' to match your desired parent theme name and version
  • As a child theme, Wordpress will automatically load functions.php.
  • Wordpress includes it's own jQuery.js. The version of jQuery included with this software is not used, and can be safely removed.
  • Rename index.html to guidance_wizard.php. Edit the file to remove the HTML header and footer (ther are comments in the file showing you what to remove).
  • Create a custom page template. Anywhere in the body of the template, place this code:
//Add the following code in the place you want the guidance wizard to be located:
  get_template_part( 'guidance_wizard' );
  • Switch to the new template (or switch away and back again). As a child theme, Wordpress will automatically enqueue the CSS and JS when it runs functions.php. When you open the templated page, the wizard should automatically load and run.

Installing onto a branch of community.ubuntu.com

You should use the Launchpad branch instead of the git version. These instructions show how the github files were installed into the LP branches. Further updates should be in the branched directly. Don't re-import the github data.

  1. Setup:
git clone https://github.com/ian-weisser/asknot
bzr branch lp:ubuntu-community-website  # Download the Ubuntu Community Website style
sudo ln -s /PATH/TO/ubuntu-community-website /var/lib/wordpress/wp-content/themes/
sudo ln -s /PATH/TO/ubuntu-community-website /var/www/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/
  • Note when using sudo: full paths are important.
  • Test: The Ubuntu Theme should show up among available themes.
  • In Wordpress, create a new page called 'Contribute' with some example content in it.
  1. Install CSS, JS, Images:
cp asknot/guidance_wizard.css ubuntu-community-website/library/css/
bzr add ubuntu-community-website/library/css/guidance_wizard.css
cp asknot/guidance_wizard.js  ubuntu-community-website/library/js/
bzr add ubuntu-community-website/library/js/guidance_wizard.js
cp asknot/images/* ubuntu-community-website/library/images/pictograms/
bzr add ubuntu-community-website/library/images/pictograms/*
  1. Install a header to pull in CSS and JS. The UCW website doesn't seem to use functions.php to enqueue them
cp asknot/guidance_wizard_header.php ubuntu-community-website/
bzr add ubuntu-community-website/guidance_wizard_header.php
  • Open asknot/header.php.stub, and follow its instructions to place a guidance_wizard_header hook into ubuntu-community-website/header.php
  • BUG Workaround: The real UCW website uses some other code to lauch jQuery that this branch does not contain. For testing in your own environment, edit ubuntu-community-website/guidance_wizard_header.php and UNcomment the jQuery loader (look for the "//Testing Only" line).
  • Test: The 'contribute' page source should now include the proper header lines for guidance_wizard.css and guidance_wizard_js, and the kludged-for-testing header line that loads jQuery.
  1. Install the content
cp asknot/index.html ubuntu-community-website/guidance_wizard.php
bzr add ubuntu-community-website/guidance_wizard.php 
  • Edit guidance_wizard.php to remove the header and footer HTML. Use the comments inside the file as a guide.
  • Open asknot/page.php.stub, and follow it's instructions to add a guidance_wizard.php hook into ubuntu-community-website/page.php.
  • Test: The wizard should work now (except for the images). The buttons should be clickable and the links should work.
  1. Fix the nine tags in guidance_wizard.php that were broken by import to Wordpress.
# FROM (originally in index.html)
<img src="images/pictogram-community-50x50.png">

# TO (guidance_wizard.php)
<img src="<?php echo get_stylesheet_directory_uri(); ?>/library/images/pictograms/pictogram-community-50x50.png">
  • Test: The tool should be complete. All buttons, images,and links should work.
  1. Undo testing kludge:
  • Edit ubuntu-community-website/guidance_wizard_header.php and comment out the jQuery loader. The UCW website runs jQuery from someplace else already. Look for the "// Testing only" comment.
  • You're now ready to bzr push to your own branch.

How it works in ordinary HTML (Non-Wordpress)

Pretty simple: Three HTML header tags load jQuery (jQuery.js), the secret sauce JS (guidance_wizard.js), and the stylesheet (guidance_wizard.css). Everything is local (client-side), and all the magic occurs inside the browser.

  • index.html has all the data. Change all your content here.
  • guidance_wizard.css does only what CSS is supposed to do - it defines how each type of data is displayed.
  • guidance_wizard.js tracks which data you are looking at, and which data should come next.
  • jQuery.js handles making the past-data invisible and the next-data visible.

How it works as a Wordpress theme

To your web browser, it works about the same. After Wordpress serves the page, everything is local to the browser.

All the Wordpress stuff simply crafts the right HTML file for Wordpress to serve. To do that, it uses a couple extra files:

  • style.css defines this as a child theme (you get to choose which parent theme). It's not included here, but it's easy for you to create.

  • functions.php creates the correct HTML headers for style.css, guidance_wizard.css, JQuery.js, and guidance_wizard.js. An example is included.

  • A page template tells Wordpress when to use the child theme, and tells Wordpress to include the correct content. The install instructions (above) tell you an easy way to convert index.html into guidance_wizard.php and call it from your template.

How it works as a Launchpad Branch for the Ubuntu Community Website

See the notes on the Launchpad branch.

Maintenance Notes

Content is handled by the html/php file. You can change content by editing that file and nothing else.

Wordpress editing: Since guidance_wizard.php is a separate file, you can give the maintainer direct control over editing content without compromising the rest of your install.

The CSS does not include specific fonts or sizes - it should inherit whatever you specified in a previous CSS file or BODY tag. The CSS does have some spacing and physical layout (like indents and image sizes) that you may wish to adjust to match your visual design.

Logic is handled by the JS file. The logic required that each menu of choices must either be a set of submenus or a set of final destination links - you cannot mix them. If you fix this in the JS, please push a patch this way!


This is a reskinned version of Mozilla's AskNot at http://whatcanidoformozilla.org.

A big THANK YOU to all the Mozilla contributors who made this cool software, and to the myriad of other drive-by contributors.

The complete list of contributors who have our gratitude is at https://github.com/ian-weisser/asknot/contributors

How to edit the content (Add my stuff to the list!)

Let's pretend to add a new top-level choice 'Wrestling' to go along with Advocacy, Development, etc.

All changes take place in index.html (or guidance_wizard.php). You don't need to touch any of the other files.

First, let's add the actual list entry in toplevel.

  • We need a string for people to see ("Wrestling")
  • We need a unique subgroup ID that people won't see ('wrestle')
<div class="group" id="toplevel">
    <p class="question"><img src="itch_icon.png">What scratches your itch?</p> <-- Icon and question
    <ul class="choices">
        <li next-group="advocate">Advocacy</li>
        ***<li next-group="wrestle">Wrestling</li>****     <---- Here it is
        <li next-group="develop">Coding and development</li>
        <li next-group="support">Support</li>

Second, let's create the subgroup with three choices.

  • The entire subgroup should have an intro string or question ("So you like to dress down?")
  • Each choice should include a simple, clever phrase ("Professional!")
  • Some choices may include an expanded description ("best acting job in town")
  • Each choice should include a landing URL (http://example.com/pro_wrestling)
<div class="group" id="wrestle">   <--- There's that subgroup ID
    <p class="question"><img src="wresle_icon.png">So you like to dress down?</p>  <-- Icon and question
    <ul class="choices">
        <li target="http://example.com/pro_wrestling">Professional!
            <p class="extra">best acting job in town!</p>
        <li target="http://example.com/amateur_wrestling">Amateur</li>
                <--- No 'extra' on this item

Third, ...no, wait. That was it. Try running it.