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MangoMine: The Next Generation Geological Data Tool

The Challenge

The key driver of success in the mining industry lies in the exploration of the next generation of core mines. The ability to lead in discovery and exploration is what keeps a company like Barrick Gold ahead of the industry. With the changing technological environment and emergence of big data, this process is evolving. Exploration relies heavily on the compilation of data from multiple sources. There is not a current product on the market that effectively aggregates current information, news, and geological data on core mines.

Our Solution


MangoMine provides a holistic solution to the problem of combining data from a variety of sources. MangoMine performs data aggregation from a variety of sources including Google Scholar, Search, Google News, Federal Claims Data, Geological data into a spatially indexed PostGIS database. The data can then be visualized and explored in a user-friendly web-app hosted on AWS.

The web-app consists of three features that each address a significant part of the problem.



The Explore Tab allows geologists to browse core mines on an interactive map with the ability to flag mines of interest. The tab will provide recent and relevant articles on each mine and by region. In addition, through an integrated heat map, claim levels by region are presented. Darker colours represent areas with high claim activity, while the opposite holds true for the lighter colours.


Other geographical data, like fault lines is included to demonstrate the integration of other geological data sources.


By clicking the diamond button (top left of the map), our websites pings the United States Geological Survey site and returns geological data and all USGS scholarly articles for the selected region in the map.


Our tool provides an un-paralleled ability to query news, academic publications, and geological publications based on a user-defined geographical search area. All of this information will allow the geologist to make an informed decision on which mines to track and, ultimately, which mines a company like Barrick Gold should go after.



The Watchlist Tab allows geologists to view mines they’ve flagged from the Explore Tab for a quick summary. From this list, geologists can view recent news, articles or studies on their properties of interest.



The News Tab allows geologists to view all recent press releases from relevant companies to identity areas of interest and new activity.

MangoMine provides a complete solution to the mine exploration problem that currently plagues all mining companies. With the exposure of missing out on profitable opportunities mitigated by MangoMine, a company like Barrick Gold can take the lead the technology revolution of the Mining industry.

Seeing our work

See our presentation
Check out our code
Live Demo

Video Highlights from the Hackathon

Overview Winners

The Team

  • Darren Lin - Data Scientist @ Capital One
  • Kevin Chan - Business Analyst @ Capital One
  • Flora Zhang - Data Engineer @ Capital One
  • Daniel Li - Data Scientist @ Capital One
  • Ian Whitestone - Data Scientist @ Capital One


Submission for Unearthed Toronto Hackathon 2017







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