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This library provides an easily extendable base class that comes with some very convenient built-in instance methods and class methods. It differs from other implementations of extend in that it makes adding class methods very easy and provides a parent() method that makes calling methods from parent classes easy and reliable.


npm install origin

Quick Start/Example

First, require Origin

var Origin = require('origin');

Use the extend class method on Origin.Base or any subclass of Origin.Base to create a new subclass.

var MyClass = Origin.Base.extend({
  // This function will become the constructor for your
  // new class
  initializer: function(arg1, arg2) {
  // You can define the variables and methods that will be
  // present in each instance of your new class. Sublasses
  // of this class, created using MyClass.extend() will
  // persist these these properties unless they are overridden
  // by the subclass.
  properties : {
    someVariable : "some value",
    someFunction : function(arg1, arg2) {
      // All instances have a cls method that will return
      // the class of the object.
      if (arg1 instanceof this.cls()) {
    someOtherFunction : function(arg1) {
      // All objects that extend from Origin have a parent
      // method that allows you to call a method of any parent
      // class.

  classProperties : {
    // You can easily attach class methods to any class you define.
    // Subclasses of this class, created with MyClass.extend(), will
    // persist these class methods unless they're overriden by a 
    // subclass.
    aClassMethod : function(arg1) {

var myClassInstance = new MyClass(arg1, arg2);

The Origin.Base Class Documentation

+ extend(options)

var Subclass = Class.extend({ initializer : function() { ... }, 
                              properties : { ... },
                              classMethods : { ... }

Exactly as Origin.extend() allows you to create a subclass of Origin, calling the extend class method on any subclass of Origin creates a subclass of that class. extend() takes a single dictionary that may contain an "initializer" function (the constructor for the resulting class), a "properties" object containing values or methods to attach to instances of your new class, and a "classProperties" object that contains any class methods that you'd like attached to your new class.

+ inheritsFrom(cls)

if ( Class.inheritsFrom(OtherClass) ) {

Returns true if the class you're calling inheritsFrom on is a subclass of the class that you pass in as an argument. Returns false otherwise.

+ superclass()

var ParentClass = Class.superclass();

Returns the parent class.

- parent(cls)

var MyClass = ParentClass.extend({
  properties : {
    myFunction : function(arg1) {

Takes a superclass of the current object's class and returns a dictionary with methods corresponding to the methods available in that superclass. Calling one of those methods behaves as expected and maintains the correct context of 'this'.

- cls()

var MyClass = ParentClass.extend({
  properties : {
    isAParentClassObject : function(arg1) {  
      if (arg1.cls().inheritsFrom(ParentClass)) {
        return true;
      else {
        return false;

Returns the class of the current object.


Released under the MIT license. See file called LICENSE for more details.