Memcache administration tools for Django.
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Django Memcache Admin

Memcache administration tools for Django.

  • Show cluster information, optionally auto-updated.
  • Show a server's statistics.
  • Show a server's slabs.
  • Flush the cluster (GUI and CLI).
  • Compatible with default admin and Bootstrap.


Install via pip:

pip install django-memcache-admin

Add memcache_admin to INSTALLED_APPS in your file.

Update the database:

python syncdb

The application will now be available in the admin panel.


To use this module, a user must have access to the Django admin panel and have change permissions on the memcache_admin | Memcache Dashboard model.

Setting add or delete permissions has no effect, they are always false.


In your file, you can add a dictionary called MEMCACHE_ADMIN.

The following key/value settings are available:

REFRESH_RATE — integer
Sets the auto-update refresh rate in milliseconds for the server information in the dashboard. Note that auto-updating must still be activated in the dashboard for this to take effect. If set to None, refreshing will be disabled (unavailable in the dashboard interface). Default is 5000 milliseconds (5 seconds).
CACHE — string
The cache definition to use. Default is "default".


Available management commands.

Invalidates all existing memcache items, so that occupied memory will be overwritten by new items.


  • Tested on Django 1.6 and 1.7
  • For best results, python-memcached should be used.
  • pylibmc can be used, but not all information will be available.

This library is compatible with python 2 and 3, however the memcache packages above are only python2 compatible.


Some ideas taken from the django-memcache-status and django-memcached2 projects


GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3.