Use Etherpad to write and collaborate on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
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By Atul Varma

This is a trivial wsgi application that, for any URL path, serves the contents of an Etherpad with the same path with the MIME type text/html.

For example, if the application is served from and the Etherpad backend it's configured to use is at, then visiting will deliver the contents of as HTML.

This effectively allows people to easily collaborate on writing HTML, and it provides a very fast feedback loop between trying something out, seeing how it looks in the browser, and sharing it with others.


This project has no dependencies aside from Python 2.5. Just run and open your browser to http://localhost:8000.


The Puppet configuration files used for deployment on are in the deployment directory. They assume a bare Ubuntu maverick server (10.10) that has Puppet 2.6.1 or later installed. The steps to deploy are:

  1. Check out the HTMLpad repository to /var/htmlpad.

  2. Run sudo puppet /var/htmlpad/deployment/htmlpad.pp.

You may want to also add an entry to your computer's /etc/hosts file to point to the server that you're deploying to, since the apache configuration in the deployment sets up a virtual host for that domain.