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+.. toc:::
+I was thinking about shells, like good ol' bash, and while they fit a
+certain purpose they aren't necessarily the best way to interact with
+files. They aren't very *modern*, and they are very heavily burdened
+with legacy.
+I'd already been thinking about a terminal in the browser (part of a
+general thought I've had: why do I use any app except a browser?) --
+but a terminal emulator always seemed kind of wonky and unexciting.
+What if the *shell* itself was in the client?
+The browser can't actually run programs (well, without an extension),
+so I have a small Node.js program (````) that serves that
+purpose, as well as serving up the static files needed by the client.
+But the server is not itself a shell -- it's more like a JSON/JSONP
+wrapper for ``execvpe``. It has no context or state, it just runs
+things. All the context is held in the client.
+Moving state to the client itself also interests me. In fact very
+little is left over when you run a program. Its environmental
+variables are created then thrown away. It has a PID, but that too is
+meaningless when the program completes. It might write files. It
+might output *text*, but the text doesn't *live* on the console, it's
+just text (ignoring for now all interactive terminal programs). So
+you don't need something like ``screen`` to restart a session -- you
+can store the whole thing in ``localStorage`` to the same effect!
+The Name
+I should probably change it, JSShell is (over) used already, generally
+for things entirely unrelated to this project. Clever ideas welcome
+(though I also kind of like boring/clear ideas too).
+The Shell Itself
+The shell is currently simple, but does wildcard expansion, ``~``
+expansion, variable expansion, and ``$()`` interpolation. While I
+want to keep the basic flavor of bash/sh, I don't feel a need to
+replicate its quirks and pitfalls... but still I don't want to mess up
+everyone's finger memory (I have enough of it myself).
+The shell doesn't evaluate simply to a list of strings, instead it
+creates an AST (``parser.js:Node``). Various interpolations are done
+through substitutions in the AST. Only at the last moment when
+running a command is it turned into a list of strings (which is the
+only way to run commands -- the one fixed API we must conform to). I
+hope to use this to avoid problems with embedded spaces in filenames
+(i.e., treat filenames as unsplittable strings). Also it means you
+can have real data structures like arrays. I haven't made much use of
+this (sometimes it's just *wrong* right now), but I am hoping it will
+be useful.
+Also I plan on allowing Javascript-side filtering of both input and
+output, so that things like ``ls`` can be prettied up (e.g., making
+filenames links). And just generally allowing for nice UI around the
+shell experience.
+Pipes, Background Jobs, etc
+I am honestly not sure how to handle these. At this exact moment
+*everything* is a background job. Pipes aren't supported at all.
+Probably pipes should be executed on the server, to avoid
+round-tripping to the client.
+This is actually all written in `CoffeeScript
+<>`_, not Javascript.
+There's a script ```` that both starts Node and starts
+coffeescript so it will recompile everything as it is edited; this is
+nice for development, except for figuring out line offsets in errors
+it makes it almost seem like you are editing the native browser
+Interactive/Terminal programs
+Some programs interact with the screen more fully than to just dump
+text. Those programs aren't supported at all. I want them all to be
+replicated in the browser anyway (e.g., through an in-browser
+I dunno. Maybe find me on ``#labs`` on I'm just
+messing around with this right now, I don't know where it'll go.

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