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  • Fix all FIXMEs

  • Create a way to handle pagination, so an extractor can get data from paginated results. Maybe pagination will be a separate function, and the extractor will get multiple pages? Or maybe the extractor can ask to do pagination.

    • Add IDs to all elements during extraction, so the extractor can talk back about specific elements. E.g., say "I want the content from the pages linked to by these elements: [...]"

    • An analog to pagination is spidering in general.

  • Clarify the extracted data format. Allow more than one kind of data to be included in an extraction? Add date to the format, maybe add a hash of the source page (after serialization), add presence of cookies. (Note: use case for more than one data type: article and html-page)

  • Work to sandbox extractors more. Create tests that try to break the sandboxing.

  • Allow images to be turned into data: URLs:

  • When Web Activities or Web Intents are ready, use them in lieu of the consumer selection (or use some private API to still combine the choice)

  • Create a bloom filter for all available extractors, keyed on domain, so you can do efficient client testing of whether an extractor is available for the domain you are on. ( - translate to Python?)

  • Show via the download button that an extractor is available

  • Allow you to hide some extractors or consumers

  • Allow you to favorite an extractor or consumer

  • Do URL matching on the client (domain matching only on the server)

  • Consider validation of data types

  • Consider scrubbing the extracted data to see if there are URLs that are not present in the source page (which could be a form of data leaking)

  • Filter <meta> tags better in the staticHTML code. <meta charset> for instance is not applicable, as the data is all unicode and separated from any transport.

  • Let consumer signal an error with the incoming data (report to repository?)

  • Make develop location configurable (separately)

  • Fix up how information is sent to develop; the IPC is fragile and unnecessarily sticky

  • Can panels be sticky?

  • Instead of sending the data immediately to a consumer, allow for sending to an intermediary rendering page and then on to a consumer. This requires some more formal data type definition that includes a way to render such data.

  • Move the extractor button into the URL bar?

  • The extractor's <script> element shouldn't be present in the page. Maybe we can add and remove the tag?

Data Types

Some data types I'd like to define more formally:

  • html-page (complete page)

  • article (structured page, with HTML body)

  • music (song/artist/album/etc)

  • academic-article (article, extended with some more formal academic information)

  • product (something you can buy)


  • Create space to document different data types.

  • Create an extractor that works for any site, that produces "html-page" (basically just echos the complete page)

  • Create an extractor that produces "article", which is an extracted form of the article. Combined with "html-page" this would be a good read-later form. (Or read-later could simply be a form.) Article could be a domain=* setup, or custom extractors for specific sites (which seems to be necessary in some cases).

  • Create a read-later consumer

  • Create a music list consumer: accepts a list of music, lets user select which items they want, and assembles a list based on that

  • Shopping comparison


  • The repository should support some kind of review process

  • Create MySQL storage backend (for Petri)

  • Allow pages to be reported to extractor authors

  • Add necessary CORS headers to allow external in-browser dev environments


  • Make @require work properly in development

  • Allow user to browse their extractors

  • Let users save "sample pages" to go with their extractor, to let them come back to work later

  • Make the onclick element browser a little more visually appealing. Combine that with the selector browser?

  • Maybe use stacked collapsable items as a way of organizing the page

  • Allow extracted data to be sent right to a consumer, for full-stack test

  • Version the extractors

  • Allow the extractor in development to be pulled from (and committed to) github? Maybe generally allow "remote" extractors (which is easy except for saving those extractors).

  • Keep track of the saved state (i.e., has it been edited since saved?)

  • Make some portions of the page resizable

  • Set page title dynamically

  • Use the full width of the page

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