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Customizable iOS 7 style UIActionSheet
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Fully customizable iOS 7/8 style UIActionSheet replacement. Compatible with iOS 5, 6, 7, and 8. ##Features

By default, IBActionSheet mimics the iOS 7/8 UIActionSheet exactly:


You then have the option to change:

  • The button text color
  • The button background color
  • The button text highlight color
  • The button backround highlight color
  • The button and title font
  • The effect when a button is pressed

####A simple example is shown here:


####An extreme example with every element of the action sheet customized is show here (landscape):


All but the 'button press' effects can be customized for the whole action sheet, or for individual buttons and title. The 'button press' effects current include:

  • Fade
  • Highlight (With designated background and text highlight colors)
  • Shrink Effect
  • Reverse Colors (Same as highlight, but it reverses background and text colors)


IBActionSheet offers the same functionality as the UIActionSheet, including things like:

- (id)initWithTitle:(NSString *)title delegate:(id<IBActionSheetDelegate>)delegate cancelButtonTitle:(NSString *)cancelTitle destructiveButtonTitle:(NSString *)destructiveTitle otherButtonTitles:(NSString *)otherTitles, ... NS_REQUIRES_NIL_TERMINATION;

- (void)showInView:(UIView *)theView;

- (NSInteger)addButtonWithTitle:(NSString *)title;

- (void)dismissWithClickedButtonIndex:

- (NSInteger)buttonIndex animated:(BOOL)animated;

- (NSInteger)numberOfButtons;

- (NSString *)buttonTitleAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;

- (BOOL)visible;

- (NSInteger)cancelButtonIndex;

- (NSInteger)destructiveButtonIndex;

To receive notifications from the IBActionSheet, just add <IBActionSheetDelegate> to your view controller's header file, and implement the following method:

-(void)actionSheet:(IBActionSheet *)actionSheet clickedButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex;

It behaves just like the UIActionSheet method, and in fact, it will receive notifications from a UIActionSheet as well.

You can add these optional methods, which also behave like their UIActionSheet equivalents:

-(void)actionSheet:(IBActionSheet *)actionSheet willDismissWithButtonIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex;
-(void)actionSheet:(IBActionSheet *)actionSheet didDismissWithButtonIndex:(NSInteger)buttonIndex;

Then you get to the good stuff, to customize the action sheet, you can choose from the following:

// rotation
- (void)rotateToCurrentOrientation;

// effects
- (void)setButtonResponse:(IBActionSheetButtonResponse)response;

// fonts
- (void)setFont:(UIFont *)font;
- (void)setTitleFont:(UIFont *)font;
- (void)setFont:(UIFont *)font forButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (void)setCancelButtonFont:(UIFont *)font;
- (void)setDestructiveButtonFont:(UIFont *)font;

// standard colors
- (void)setTitleTextColor:(UIColor *)color;
- (void)setButtonTextColor:(UIColor *)color;
- (void)setTitleBackgroundColor:(UIColor *)color;
- (void)setButtonBackgroundColor:(UIColor *)color;
- (UIColor *)buttonTextColorAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (UIColor *)buttonBackgroundColorAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (void)setButtonTextColor:(UIColor *)color forButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (void)setButtonBackgroundColor:(UIColor *)color forButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;

// highlight colors
- (void)setButtonHighlightBackgroundColor:(UIColor *)color;
- (void)setButtonHighlightTextColor:(UIColor *)color;
- (void)setButtonHighlightTextColor:(UIColor *)color forButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;
- (void)setButtonHighlightBackgroundColor:(UIColor *)color forButtonAtIndex:(NSInteger)index;

##Included I have included a super simple sample project that will show you how it works. Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

***Note: If you are running this app on iOS 7, make sure that you change the deployment target to 7.0 before installing it on a device running 7.0. If not, the animation will be slightly off

##Known Issues

  • On iPad, it follows the iPhone style UIActionSheet instead of the iPad one. I personally prefer this behavior, but if there is a demand, I'm happy to make it follow the UIActionSheet behavior for iPad, just let me know!

  • IBActionSheet doesn't lock orientation as UIActionSheet does. I haven't found an elegant solution to this just yet. You can use the actionSheet.visible property to lock it yourself, or you call:

  [actionSheet rotateToCurrentOrientation];

from whatever method you are using to detect rotation and it will resize accordingly.

  • When adding IBActionSheet to a UIView contained in a UINavigation Controller, use:
  [actionSheet showInView:self.navigationController.view];

instead of:

  [actionSheet showInView:self.view];

hopefully I can eliminate the need to do this in the future.

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