A league of legends app for generating item sets based on the match history of professional gamers.
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Lol Prosets - API Challenge 2.0 Submission

by Ian Bitts and Stanley Lim

The item sets utility in League of Legends gives players a way to plan out their builds before entering the game. This can be great for making new, fun, experimental builds. However, players looking to improve their ranking in the game will find it useful to create item sets based on the play styles of the best of the best- the league of legends professionals.

Lol Prosets aims to help players find the best item builds for champions by looking at the ranked history of some of League's best players. Users of the application can search for a summoner, or simply select a Challenger level player at random, and then browse their match history to see which items they purchase for champions, and when.

Lol Prosets also offers a minimized interface for creating item sets from scratch. Using the app, players can create a set to the same level of detail that is offered by the in game tool. Once a player has perfected their set, they can download the set as a zipped JSON file, and merge the file into their League of Legends config directory in order to use the set in game.

Live demonstration

Lol Prosets is hosted at http://lol-prosets.meteor.com.

Set up

A link to a live demo is provided above, however if you would like to download the source code and run the web app on your own computer, follow these set-up instructions:

  • Install Meteor: www.meteor.com/install
  • Use your prefered git client to clone the repository.
  • Replace the comment at the top of lol-prosets/server/services.js with your API key.
  • Run the project using the meteor command. The default URI for the project will be http://localhost:3000.
  • (Optional) Public the project using the meteor deploy command.

Technologies & Plugins Used

Technologies: Meteor Angular jQuery Bootstrap3

Plugins and Other Snippets angular-image-preloader by Ben Nadel: http://www.bennadel.com/blog/2597-preloading-images-in-angularjs-with-promises.htm waitingDialog loading modal by Eugene Maslovich: http://bootsnipp.com/snippets/featured/quotwaiting-forquot-modal-dialog hoverIntent by Brian Cherne: http://cherne.net/brian/resources/jquery.hoverIntent.html