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Expose VMware's ovftool as a post-processor.
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Packer ovftool post-processor

Exposes VMware's OVF Tool as a Packer post-processor, enabling VMware builds to produce OVA/OVF artifacts.

For the sake of simplicity, only a few of ovftool's options are currently exposed, but adding more would be a simple task. Contributions are welcome.


Add the post-processor to your packer template:

    "post-processors": [{
        "type": "ovftool",
        "only": ["vmware"],
        "format": "ova"

Available configuration options:

  • target: The path where the artifact should be created, without the file extension. This is a configuration template. Defaults to packer_{{.BuildName}}_{{.Provider}}.
  • format: The target type to create, either "ova" or "ovf". Defaults to "ovf" if not specified.
  • compression: The compression level to use when creating the artifact. A number from 1-9. Default value is 0, meaning no compression.



$ go get
$ go install

Add the post-processor to ~/.packerconfig:

  "post-processors": {
    "ovftool": "packer-post-processor-ovftool"

Packer API differences

If you want to use the plugin with Packer v0.4, you'll need to build for API version 1. Perform installation as above (you can skip the "go install" step), then:

$ cd $GOPATH/src/ && git checkout v0.4.1
$ cd $GOPATH/src/ && git checkout v0.4.1
$ go install
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