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A simple POS-friendly interface to the bitcoin client.
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# Retired

This project is very old and comes from a time when bitcoin was a very different beast.

I do not recommend using this project in your POS! I leave it here because it may have some interest to some people.

# Old readme

Bitcoin QR Popup

A simpler interface to the bitcoin client for POS systems running Windows.

Press F2 - a QR window appears, then automatically disappears when payment is received and acknowledged.
Press F3 - a short history of transactions displays, making it easy to verify if the most recent payments were actually received.

screenshot at

Supports over 160 currencies with automatic rate conversion to bitcoin. Right-click the tray icon to select your currency.

Uses a fresh bitcoin address for every transaction.

Run Bitcoin QR Popup.exe to start using this application.

- Must have internet connected.
- Must have bitcoin installed and running locally (remote support coming in the future).
- Right-click the tray icon to exit the application.
- Add it to startup for seamless integration.

- Uses for hourly updated currency exchange rates.
- Uses 24h weighted USD price from for bitcoin exchange rate.
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