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Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys
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Ported from the reference implementation at

Mnemonic code for generating deterministic keys

BIP39 Specification at


var m = new Mnemonic("english")

// Generate new mnemonics
var words = m.generate();
"canyon subway other flower grocery diagram cigar such custom rude couch horror"

// Check mnemonics are valid
var isValid = m.check(words);

// Generate BIP32 seeds from mnemonics
var seed = m.toSeed(words, "mysecretpassword");

// Generate mnemonics of different strengths
var lessWords = m.generate(64)
"safe soon minute hungry toss mobile"

// Test mnemonics are valid
var invalidMnemonic = "safe soon minute hungry toss cigar";

Supported Languages

var m = new Mnemonic("english")
var m = new Mnemonic("japanese")
var m = new Mnemonic("spanish")
var m = new Mnemonic("chinese_simplified")
var m = new Mnemonic("chinese_traditional")
var m = new Mnemonic("french")
var m = new Mnemonic("italian")
var m = new Mnemonic("korean")


Tests run in the browser.

$ cd /path/to/repo/
$ python -m http.server

Open http://localhost:8000/test/ in your browser

Node / NPM

If you prefer to use node / npm please have a look at bitcoinjs/bip39.


This code uses asmCrypto

The people who authored and contributed to BIP39 and the reference client

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