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Changes for 0.3.0:

  • Re-instantiate the Blobs API.
  • repoDescription1 andrepoPushedAtare aMaybe GithubDate`.
  • Add deleteRepo, editRepo, and createRepo.
  • Private gists, issues, organizations, pull requests, and users.
  • Lock down tls and tls-extra instead of keeping up with the ever-changing http-conduit package.
  • Features by Pavel Ryzhov and Simon Hengel.

Changes for 0.2.1:

  • Expand the unordered-containers dependency to anything in 0.1.x .

Changes for 0.2.0:

  • milestoneDueOn and repoLanguage are now Maybe types.
  • Introduce GithubOwner as the sum type for a GithubUser or GithubOrganization. Everything that once produced a GithubUser now produces a GithubOwner. All record accessors have changed their names
  • Similar to GithubOwner, introduce DetailedOwner, which can be a DetailedUser or a DetailedOrganization. All record accessors have changed their names
  • An HTTPConnectionError now composes SomeException instead of IOException. All exceptions raised by the underlying http-conduit library are encapulated there.
  • The githubIssueClosedBy function now produces a Maybe GithubOwner.
  • Remove the Blobs API, as it is broken upstream.
  • Bugs found and squashed thanks to Joey Hess and Simon Hengel.