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A mod to add the fmath editor to a Simple Machines Forum
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Math Notation Editor wrapper mod for Simple Machines Forum

This mod integrates the fMath editor into an SMF forum (see below for more details on the fMath editor). It adds a new 'fMath' button to the SMF text editor which, when pressed, will display the fMath editor in a pop-up child window. Use the fMath WYSIWYG math notation editor to write LaTeX code and press the Insert button to add the code directly into the SMF text editor.

Note that the fMath editor consists of a large number of files (alphabets, symbols, etc) and has a very large footprint (over 50Mb). Therefore the fMath package is split into two: this wrapper, which is a standard SMF mod that can be installed via your forum's Package Manager, and the fMath editor, available on GitHub here, which you will need to copy over to your server.

Tested on version 2.0.15


Check out the SMF2.0-fmath-mod Wiki for installation instructions.

Full installation instructions for the fMath editor are available here.

Again, note that the fMath editor will need to be installed separately.

fMath Acknowledgements

fMath is a free editor to display and edit equations on web pages, desktop applications or mobile devices using MathML, LaTeX or OMML standards. It is released under the Apache 2.0 licence.

fMath official site

SMF2.0-fmath-mod Acknowledgements

Spanish language translation by Rock Lee

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