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A client-side ruby gem for communicating with message brokers that support the STOMP 1.0 and 1.1 protocols. This gem was formerly known as stomper, but that name has been dropped because a python stomp library by the same name already existed. Also, I think "OnStomp" better expresses the event-driven nature of this gem.


The OnStomp gem can be installed as a standard ruby gem:

gem install onstomp

Alternatively, you can clone the source through github.

Example Usage

# A simple message producer
client = OnStomp.connect('stomp://')
client.send('/queue/onstomp-test', 'hello world')

# A simple message consumer
client ='stomp+ssl://')
client.subscribe('/queue/onstomp-test', :ack => 'client') do |m|
  client.ack m
  puts "Got and ACK'd a message: #{m.body}"

while true
  # Keep the subscription running until the sun burns out


There is a STOMP client gem named stomp, so why create another gem? OnStomp was designed around giving users more control over how STOMP frames are handled through an event-driven interface. All IO reading and writing is performed through the use of non-blocking methods in the hopes of increasing performance.

The stomp gem is a good gem that works well, I just desired a different style API for working with message brokers.


Both Ruby 1.8.7 and JRuby (as of 1.6.1) do not provide non-blocking read or write methods for OpenSSL connections. While a gem named openssl-nonblock exists for Ruby < 1.9.2, I have not personally used it and given that it's a C extension, it may not be compatible with JRuby's openssl gem. When an OnStomp connection is created, the socket (SSL or TCP) is checked to see whether or not the methods write_nonblock and read_nonblock have been defined. If not, OnStomp will fall back on write for writing and readpartial for reading. While both of these methods will block, the use of IO::select should help mitigate their effects. I initially missed this detail, so if you're using an older version of OnStomp (pre 1.0.4) with Ruby 1.8.7 or JRuby, you either want to upgrade your gem or avoid stomp+ssl:// URIs like the plague.

The final "gotcha" is more of an advanced warning. When JRuby's support for the Ruby 1.9 API stabilizes (and read_nonblock and write_nonblock are available for OpenSSL connections), I will be dropping support for Ruby 1.8.x entirely. This is probably a ways off yet, but when the time comes, I'll post obvious warnings and increment the gem's major version. OnStomp 1.x will always be compatible with Ruby 1.8.7+, OnStomp 2.x will be Ruby 1.9.x only.

Further Reading


OnStomp is covered by the Apache License 2.0. See the full {file:docs/ LICENSE} for details.


There are a few people/groups I'd like to thank for helping me with the creation of this gem.

  • Lionel Cons for the good suggestions while I was implementing support for the STOMP 1.1 spec. Check out his Perl client Net::STOMP::Client
  • Brian McCallister, Johan Sørensen, Guy M. Allard and Thiago Morello for their work on the stomp gem which introduced me to the STOMP protocol.
  • Hiram Chino and everyone on the stomp-spec mailing list for keeping the STOMP 1.1 spec moving
  • Aman Gupta and contributors to eventmachine for the insights into working with non-blocking IO in Ruby