The HTML5 template that goes back to basics
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HTML5 Bones - The template that goes back to basics


This template can be used as just that, a template to get you going in HTML5, or it can simply be used as a guide via the inline comments when building your own HTML5 page from scratch.


  • Contains the most popular HTML5 structural elements and how to use them
  • Also contains templates for HTML5 video and audio and how to use them
  • Cross-browser compatible, down to and including Internet Explorer 7
  • Print CSS included in the main styles.css file
  • Normalize.css is included to normalise CSS across browsers
  • Inline documentation
  • Reduced, non-commented version for main template also included
  • MIT license


The documentation is contained within inline comments in the various files, but especially main-template.html.


You are of course welcome to contribute, this is what GitHub is for.