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class Video:
def __init__(self, i, meg):
self.meg = meg
self.i = i
class Endpoint:
def __init__(self, i, Ld, K, cache_lats):
self.i = i
self.dc_lat = Ld
self.num_cache = K
# List of pairs: cache server ID, latency
self.cache_lats = cache_lats
self.requests = []
# maps connected cache object to latency
self.caches = {}
self.cached_vid_ids = {}
def mark_vid_as_cached(self, vid_id, lat):
self.cached_vid_ids[vid_id] = lat
def get_wanted_vids(self, lat_to_cache):
wanted = {}
for req in self.requests:
if not in self.cached_vid_ids:
wanted[] = req.num_req * (self.dc_lat - lat_to_cache)
if lat_to_cache < self.cached_vid_ids[]:
wanted[] = req.num_req * (self.cached_vid_ids[] - lat_to_cache)
return wanted
def num_req_for_vid(self, vid_id):
for req in self.requests:
if == vid_id:
return req.num_req
return 0
def sort_requests_by_most_pop_to_least(self, _already_called=False):
if not _already_called:
self.requests = sorted(self.requests,
key=lambda r: r.num_req,
_already_called = True
def get_caches_sorted_by_lowest_lat(self):
return sorted(self.caches, key=lambda c: self.caches[c])
def get_shortest_route_to(self, video_obj):
best = self.dc_lat
for cache in self.caches:
if video_obj.i in cache.vid_ids:
best = min(best, self.caches[cache])
return best
def vid_has_cached_route(self, video_obj):
return video_obj.i in self.cached_vid_ids
class Request:
def __init__(self, i, endp, r, video_obj):
self.i = i
self.endp_id = endp
self.num_req = r = video_obj
class Cache:
def __init__(self, i, meg, endpoints):
self.i = i
self.remaining = meg
self.vids = []
self.vid_ids = set()
self.endpoints = []
# maps endpoint id to latency
self.connected = {}
for e in endpoints:
for k, v in e.cache_lats:
if k == self.i:
self.connected[e.i] = v
def vid_fits(self, vid):
return vid.meg <= self.remaining
def get_lat_saved_by_adding_vid(self, video_obj):
lat_saved = 0
for endp in self.endpoints:
if endp.dc_lat <= self.connected[endp.i]:
# No possible saving (May never be hit?)
if endp.vid_has_cached_route(video_obj):
num_req = endp.num_req_for_vid(video_obj.i)
endp_lat_to_cache = self.connected[endp.i]
lat_saved += num_req * endp_lat_to_cache
return lat_saved
def add_video(self, video_obj):
self.remaining -= video_obj.meg
for endp in self.endpoints:
# Marks a vid, even if the vid isn't needed at this endpoint
endp.mark_vid_as_cached(video_obj.i, self.connected[endp.i])
def read():
V, E, R, C, X = map(int, input().split())
videos = []
for i, s in enumerate(map(int, input().split())):
videos.append(Video(i, s))
endpoints = []
for i in range(E):
Ld, K = map(int, input().split())
cache_lats = []
for k in range(K):
cache_lats.append(tuple(map(int, input().split())))
endpoints.append(Endpoint(i, Ld, K, cache_lats))
requests = []
for i in range(R):
Rv, Re, Rn = map(int, input().split())
r = Request(Rv, Re, Rn, videos[Rv])
# create cache objects
caches = []
for i in range(C):
caches.append(Cache(i, X, endpoints))
# build up (cache object: latency) dicts for each endpoint
for e in endpoints:
for c in e.cache_lats:
e.caches[caches[c[0]]] = c[1]
return V, E, R, C, X, videos, endpoints, requests, caches