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Simple kirbyCMS Panel field for picking a single image in your page's content
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Image Picker Field - Kirby CMS Panel

Simple kirbyCMS Panel field for picking a single image in your page's content. Can be useful to use as a "Featured Image" implementation.


This uses rvera's imagepicker jQuery Plugin and jQuery already present in your KirbyCMS Panel.

This field requires the Thumb Plugin installed in your kirby install, read about it here.


After installing the kirbycms panel, create a directory site/panel/fields at the root of your kirby install (if not present already), cd into this directory and clone this repository in the imagepicker directory.

You should end up with the new directory: site/panel/fields/imagepicker


Once installed, when creating a panel blueprint, you can add the field using type: imagepicker, to set the placeholder that will appear when there is no images found in the content folder, you can use the placeholder: yourtext property and if your website is in multiple languages, you can use the Kirby Syntax for multi-lingual websites.

The width options defaults to 100 and represents the width in pixels at which image thumbs should be displayed / resized this should be set unitless if needed.


# default blueprint

title: Page
pages: true
files: true
    label: Title
    type:  text
    label: Featured Image
    type:  imagepicker
    width: 100
    	en: No uploaded images yet
    	fr: Pas encore d'images téléchargées


This field is simply an augmented <select> field using javascript, which means this works even without javascript. The chosen image's filename will be saved to your page's metadata like this

Title: Page Title
Featured_img: image.png

You can then use it in your templates like this

$featured_img = $page->images()->find((string)$page->featured_img());

<img src="<?php echo $featured_img->url() ?>">


This is released under the MIT License

Guillaume 'Wilhearts' PICARD, 2014

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