A WordPress installation template that's a little bit looser than Bedrock
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Regolith is a WordPress installation template that employs best practices, but is also tailored for less demanding projects, and aims to automate as much maintenance as possible.

  • Organized file system layout
  • Designed to work with Apache and shared hosting
  • Version your custom code and configuration in Git
  • Manage 3rd party plugin/theme dependencies with a simple text file and WP-CLI
    • The list of dependencies is tracked in Git, but their code is not, so your repository stays lean and uncluttered
  • Core/plugin/theme updates are installed automatically every hour (including major releases of Core)
  • Deploy to production with Deployer, and immediately run smoke tests to catch fatal errors
  • Automatically backup production database on a customizable schedule, and before every deployment
  • Optional configuration for Multisite with domain mapping
  • Includes configuration and integration for several security and performance plugins/services
  • Outputs a content flag designed for external monitoring services
  • Displays the current environment in the Admin Bar (i.e., development or production)

Check out some screenshots to get a taste of working with it.