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Github API access, tailored for Hubot
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A Hubot-compatible Github API wrapper for Node.js

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npm install githubot


Use it in your Hubot script:

module.exports = (robot) ->
  github = require('githubot')(robot)

Or use it on its own:

github = require('githubot')


Make any call to the Github v3 API, get the parsed JSON response:

github.get "", (gists) ->
  console.log gists[0].description

github.get "users/foo/repos", {type: "owner"}, (repos) ->
  console.log repos[0].url

data = { description: "A test gist", public: true, files: { "abc.txt": { content: "abcdefg" } } } "gists", data, (gist) ->
  console.log gist.url


If process.env.HUBOT_GITHUB_TOKEN is present, you're automatically authenticated. Sweet!

Acquire a token

If you don't have a token yet, run this:

curl -i -d '{"scopes":["repo"]}' -u "yourusername"

Enter your Github password when prompted. When you get a response, look for the "token" value.

Bespoke API access

Mostly a work in progress, but here's a taste of what I have in mind:

gh.branches "foo/bar", (branches) ->
  console.log branches[0].name
# Branch from master
gh.branches( "foo/bar" ).create "my_radical_feature", (branch) ->
  console.log branch.sha

# Branch from another branch
gh.branches( "foo/bar" ).create "even_more_radical", from: "my_radical_feature", (branch) ->
  console.log branch.sha
gh.branches( "foo/bar" ).delete "my_radical_feature", ->
  console.log "Deleted my branch!"

Helpful Hubot

Hubot will log errors if a request fails.

If process.env.HUBOT_GITHUB_USER is present, we can help you guess a repo's full name:

github.qualified_repo "githubot" # => "iangreenleaf/githubot"

This will happen with the bespoke methods as well:

gh.branches "githubot", (branches) ->
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