Manually add contractions #42

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For missed entries or those entered on another device.


Good suggestion. Sounds like it would be another option in the menu. You'd then be taken to a new screen that allows you to put in the contraction's start time, end time/duration, and optionally a note.


Makes me wish I knew more Java, as this is a very cool tool (the wife checked out all of them and decided on this one) and I normally send pull requests instead of feature issues for OSS.


Could you accomplish a similar feature in the meantime by doing a quick start/stop to create a record, then "edit"?


@ceeeKay Yes, that would accomplish the same goal, although I'll be delivering both this and GH-43 at the same time (as there's significant overlap between the two).

@ianhanniballake ianhanniballake added a commit that closed this issue Apr 1, 2012
@ianhanniballake Closes GH-42 - Manually Add Contractions
Reuses the edit activity to allow users to add contractions.

Signed-off-by: Ian Lake <>
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