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Note: This script is deprecated in favor of Modular Modifier.

GIF Glitcher


This is a port of previous GIF-glitching experiments in Python/Imagemagick to Processing. The types of glitches that are done are:

  • From random frames, one of the color channels is selected and then swapped with the same channel of an adjacent frame
  • From random frames or random channels within frames, blocks of image data are swapped with another block within the same frame
  • Some frames (or channels of frames, by default) are encoded to JPEG and then have bytes randomly removed, corrupting the image. These are then decoded back into the frame.



This script was tested on Processing 2.2.1 and also requires the gifAnimation library which can be downloaded from within the Processing IDE.


With the script loaded in Processing, have a GIF named input.gif in the same directory. Run the script and the glitched version will be generated. To save the output to GIF, press any key and it will be saved output.gif.

Known Issues

  • Rarely, the JPEG corruption can fail and prevent the script from finishing. Usually you can just run the script again.

Version History

2014-05-25 - v1

  • initial version