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Note: This script is deprecated in favor of Modular Modifier.

GIF Slit-Scanner


This script applies a slit-scan effect to GIFs, which can produce effects like broken VHS tapes, propellers recorded by cell phones, and other weirdness.

example input example output


This script was tested on Processing 2.2.1 and also requires the gifAnimation library which can be downloaded from within the Processing IDE.


With the script loaded in Processing, have your input GIF in the same directory. The default filename is named input.gif. The following options can be set:

  • fps: Frames per second of the output GIF.
  • inputFilename and outputFilename: Self-explanatory.
  • stripsPerFrame: The length of the image is divided into a number of strips, or slits. The minimum this can be is 1 per frame, where for a 3-frame GIF, the image would be divided into three sections that cycled parts of each frame. This setting has no ceiling, but the maximum number of strips that will be generated is equal to the length of the image.
  • direction: Direction of the slit scanning. Can be LR (left-right), RL, TB (top-bottom), or BT.

With these set, run the script and the new version will be generated. To save the output to GIF, press any key and it will be saved, default output.gif.

Version History

2014-11-03 - v1

  • initial version