JPG Glitcher - automatically creates many glitched variations of a JPG and animates the results
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JPG Glitcher


A script that takes a JPG and generates a number of glitched variations, optionally combining them into an animated GIF.

an example GIF


The script runs on Python 3 (tested on 3.4) and requires ImageMagick. It's also written for Windows, but could be quickly adapted to another OS.


I used ImageMagick binaries instead of the libraries, and also did not add detection for the binary location, so the path is currently hardcoded into

Once this variable is set, you can drop JPG files onto glitch.bat to generate a gallery of glitched variations (index.html in the script directory by default), or glitch-animate.bat to generate an animated GIF (animated.gif in the script directory by default). In either case all the generated frames go into the output folder by default.

If you're not on Windows, you can run python [-animate] [-dontopen]

Current Issues

  • some options need command line arguments still
  • occasionally, generated files can be broken enough that ImageMagick chokes on them and won't create a GIF
  • ImageMagick binaries are used instead of libraries
  • ImageMagick path is hardcoded

Version History

2014-04-26 - v2

  • a fair amount of cleanup

2013-08-09 - v1

  • initial version