Traffic Time Lapse Helper - makes creating time lapses of traffic in Google Maps easy
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Traffic Time Lapse Helper


A script that makes creating time lapses of traffic in Google Maps easy.

an example time lapse of Traffic clearing up in Atlanta


The script runs on Python 2.7 and requires Selenium for Python and ImageMagick. PhantomJS is highly recommended.


I used ImageMagick binaries instead of the libraries, and also did not add detection for the binary location, so the path is currently hardcoded into The URL to screenshot and interval between screenshots are also located at the bottom of

Once these variables are set, run the script and it will begin placing formatted 900x900 frames in /output. Original frames are kept in /screenshots.

Current Issues

  • Frames are not gathered exactly on an interval, so times gradually shift from :00, :15, to :01, :16, and so on
  • ImageMagick binaries are used instead of libraries
  • ImageMagick path is hardcoded
  • GIF creation is not automated, even though ImageMagick supports it