An HTML5 audio visualizer for mic/line-in input
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A HTML5 audio visualizer for microphone or line-in input.


A modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge is required, though Chrome will likely be fastest.

The page can be run directly from disk. You can also put it on a web server, but it must be served over HTTPS due to browser security restrictions. So it's easiest just to download the repository and run index.html.

This project uses browser globals to attach everything to the window object. If you're using a Javascript module system such as requireJS or commonJS (nodejs), Mike Reinstein maintains a port, available here.


Once the page is up, allow it to access microphone/line-in input. Use 1-9 to select a visualization (or click/tap to go to the next one), and the += key to switch between variants of that visualization.

On OS X you can use Soundflower to redirect system audio, and on Windows you can use VB Cable.


2017-02-15 - v8

  • fixed the Image visualizer so it better reflects the current audio
  • added MIT license to project
  • repo cleanup
  • fixed broken three.js reference, added the library to repo
  • readme change, now that the page can be run directly from disk

2014-12-15 - v7

  • added two 3D visualizations, sphere and mountain

2014-12-01 - v6

  • application restructuring and optimization

2014-11-30 - v5

  • added spike and image visualizations

2014-11-29 - v4

  • significantly reduced number of particles on clouds/starburst, now load it instead of generating it
  • disabled that mode on Firefox

2014-11-29 - v3

  • heavily refactored code to be more modular, with less duplication
  • added box visualization
  • added variants functionality

2014-11-27 - v2

  • added clouds/starburst mode

2014-11-21 - v1

  • initial port from Processing