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- added the possibility to "USE" functions which are actually Fortran subroutines,
this is required by LegoExcsion
- added a parameter 'excision' to MoL thorns to switch excision on or off
like all excision-dependent code this is only done if the CreateExcisionCode option
is set to True in the Create*Thorn functions.
- properly use functions from LegoExcision thorn in MoL thorns
- further cleanup of namespace, added variables to the lists
of local variables within Modules.
- the constant value to be used by LegoExcision inside
the excision now re-uses the <gfname>_bound_limit parameter
to set a sensible value (e.g. we do not want the determinant of
the 3-metric become singular).
- changed the way lower and upper bounds for loops are set
Previously this was based on cctk_nghostzones, which causes
problem in the case of real boundaries, where the stencil size needs to be
considered, e.g. the number of ghost zones may be larger than the stencil size.
new stencil parameters have been added to GenericFD, they are tested for
consistency in a new function GenericFG_ParamCheck
There is also a new dependence on whether or not the equaions in the loop
take derivatives or not.
- Added support for language specifier "None" in schedule.ccl entries, to suppress
warning messages like:
CST warning:
-> Scheduling group "ApplyBCs" with LANG specifier in thorn "BSSNMoL"
HINT: Groups should not have a LANG specificier
- Added support for a larger number of boundary conditions, parameters for steering
those are added to param.ccl of the corresponding evolution thorn and
templete parfile entries are appended in a comment block at the end of
the file *_Boundaries.c.
- Added EvolutionTimeLevels optional argument to CreateBaseThorn to support Carpet
or other mesh refinement drivers, which need more than 2 Timelevels. Default value is
3 now.
- Changed the default name for a function in an evaluator thorn to
contain the thorn name. Helps to avoid conflicts with other thorns.
- Fixed bug whereby the name of the calculation in an evaluator thorn
was not used for the function name.
- Added "InheritedImplementations" option to all the Kranc thorns.
- Updated README for Cactus beta14
- Check the value of SetTimes for CreateSetterThorn, throw an error if
the value is not allowed (otherwise, a typo in the option fails to
create a schedule entry without any warning or error).
- Removed (historical) dependency on "Format" package
- Added symbols for "pow" and "exp" that used to be provided by the
Format package
- Removed "External" directory from the paths of the examples
- Deleted obsolete global parameters from GenericFD (stencil widths)
1.0.0 (06-Apr-2004)
- Initial release
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