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shusa committed Oct 20, 2004
1 parent 7c3fa0d commit 6d958a03bdd7bb5f7d2451b4ab66a2081a213986
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+- added the possibility to "USE" functions which are actually Fortran subroutines,
+ this is required by LegoExcsion
+- added a parameter 'excision' to MoL thorns to switch excision on or off
+ like all excision-dependent code this is only done if the CreateExcisionCode option
+ is set to True in the Create*Thorn functions.
+- properly use functions from LegoExcision thorn in MoL thorns
+- further cleanup of namespace, added variables to the lists
+ of local variables within Modules.
+- the constant value to be used by LegoExcision inside
+ the excision now re-uses the <gfname>_bound_limit parameter
+ to set a sensible value (e.g. we do not want the determinant of
+ the 3-metric become singular).
+- changed the way lower and upper bounds for loops are set
+ Previously this was based on cctk_nghostzones, which causes
+ problem in the case of real boundaries, where the stencil size needs to be
+ considered, e.g. the number of ghost zones may be larger than the stencil size.
+ new stencil parameters have been added to GenericFD, they are tested for
+ consistency in a new function GenericFG_ParamCheck
+ There is also a new dependence on whether or not the equaions in the loop
+ take derivatives or not.
+- Added support for language specifier "None" in schedule.ccl entries, to suppress
+ warning messages like:
+ CST warning:
+ -> Scheduling group "ApplyBCs" with LANG specifier in thorn "BSSNMoL"
+ HINT: Groups should not have a LANG specificier
+- Added support for a larger number of boundary conditions, parameters for steering
+ those are added to param.ccl of the corresponding evolution thorn and
+ templete parfile entries are appended in a comment block at the end of
+ the file *_Boundaries.c.
+- Added EvolutionTimeLevels optional argument to CreateBaseThorn to support Carpet
+ or other mesh refinement drivers, which need more than 2 Timelevels. Default value is
+ 3 now.

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