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#lang racket
;; Given a list of definitions, mark definitions whose value may
;; be used before it is defined.
(require "library.rkt"
(provide mark-used-before-defined!)
(define mark-used-before-defined!
(lambda (defs)
(let* ([defs (filter Define? defs)]
[name->define (lambda (x) (find-define x defs))]
[names (map Define-name defs)]
[ref-of (lambda (x) (intersect2 names (free-in-exp (Define-exp (name->define x)))))]
[ref-of* (transitive names ref-of)])
(letrec ([active?
[(E: (or (? Lam?) (? Vlam?) (? Const?)))
[(Define _ exp)
(active? exp)]
[(E: (Var x))
(memq x names)]
[(E: (or (And exps) (Or exps) (Begin exps)))
(ormap active? exps)]
[(E: (If test then els))
(or (active? test) (active? then) (active? els))]
[(E: (or (Let bindings body) (Letr bindings body)))
(or (ormap active? bindings) (active? body))]
[(E: (Set! _ exp))
(active? exp)]
[e #t])])
(let loop ([defs defs] [names names])
(match defs
[(cons (Define x e) rest)
(when (active? e)
(lambda (y)
(unless (Name-used-before-defined? y)
(printf "Note: ~a might be used by ~a before being bound~%"
(pname* y) (pname* x))
(set-Name-used-before-defined?! y #t)))
(intersect2 (ref-of* x) names)))
(loop rest (cdr names))]
['() #f]))))))
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