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#lang racket
;; Find free variables of an expression or program.
;; Primitives are not counted as free.
;; Lambda's cache their free set to speed lookup.
(require "ordset-list.rkt"
(for-syntax syntax/parse))
(provide free-in-defs free-in-exp free-names)
; have to move this out here cause export does not work correctly
(define NameSet (ordset
(lambda (x y) (< (Name-id x) (Name-id y)))
(lambda (x y) (= (Name-id x) (Name-id y)))))
(define nameset (order-set NameSet))
(define nameset-union (order-union NameSet))
(define nameset-difference (order-difference NameSet))
(define nameset->list (order-set->list NameSet))
(define list->nameset (order-list->set NameSet))
(define-syntax (for/nameset-union stx)
(syntax-parse stx
[(_ (~optional (~seq #:initial init:expr)
#:defaults ([init #'(nameset)]))
guards body1 body ...)
#`(for/fold/derived #,stx ([res init]) guards
(nameset-union res (let () body1 body ...)))]))
(define free
(lambda (e)
(match e
[(Define _ exp)
(free exp)]
[(E: (Var x)) (nameset x)]
[(E: (Lam: names body))
(or (Lam-free (E-exp e))
(let ([fv (nameset-difference (free body) (list->nameset names))])
(set-Lam-free! (E-exp e) fv)
[(E: (Vlam: names rest body))
(or (Vlam-free (E-exp e))
(let ([fv (nameset-difference (free body) (list->nameset (cons rest names)))])
(set-Vlam-free! (E-exp e) fv)
[(E: (App e0 args))
(for/nameset-union #:initial (free e0)
([arg (in-list args)])
(free arg))]
[(E: (Let b e2))
(for/nameset-union #:initial (nameset-difference (free e2)
(list->nameset (definition-names b)))
([cl (in-list b)])
(free cl))]
[(E: (Letr b e2))
(define names (definition-names b))
(for/nameset-union #:initial (free e2)
([cl (in-list b)])
(free cl))
(list->nameset names))]
[(E: (or (And exps) (Or exps) (Begin exps)))
(for/nameset-union ([exp (in-list exps)]) (free exps))]
[(E: (If test then els))
(free test)
(free then)
(free els)))]
[(E: (Set! x body))
(nameset-union (nameset x) (free body))]
[(E: (Letcc x e1))
(free e1)
(nameset x))]
[_ (nameset)])))
(let ([xv (make-Name 'x '())])
(free (make-E (Set! xv (make-E (Var xv))))))
(define (free-in-exp e)
(define names (free e))
(define namelist (nameset->list names))
(filter-not Name-primitive? namelist))
(define free-in-defs
(lambda (defs-and-exps)
(for/nameset-union ([exp (in-list defs-and-exps)]) (free-in-exp exp))
[(Define x _) x]
[_ #f])
(define free-names
(lambda (e)
(nameset->list (free e))))
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