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Discord-SMS bridge

sends discord server messages to a phone via sms.

connects a single number with an entire discord server.

for my friend with windows phone and without regular computer access.

can be easily modified to just a single channel.

  • requires a verified account (ie, add a credit card) in heroku
  • and a non-trial account (ie, put $20 in and buy a $1/mo phone #) in twilio
  • you'll need to keep heroku alive somehow, or else it'll regularly sleep. i'm using python http gets every 15m via a crontask running on an aws free tier, though you could probably host the whole thing on aws free tier.

DON'T make this a public repo or fork it publicly. your twilio and discord secret keys will be publicly exposed (bad)

store them in shell environment variables or use a private repo or don't push this to a public github repo.


  • create discord app, make it into a bot, get discord bot token and client ID
  • add discord bot to a server you have permissions to via
  • create twilio account, get a number and twilio account sid and auth token
  • put these tokens in the corresponding fields in and
  • fill out the rest of the variables in these two files (phone number, bot name, url)
  • set up heroku account, install heroku-toolbelt, heroku login
  • set up heroku app heroku create discord-sms -s cedar from inside this repo
  • set sms url in twilio settings to point to heroku app url (heroku open)
  • finally, heroku ps:scale web=1 worker=1

debug problems w heroku logs

or shoot me a message on twitter. feedback's appreciated!

thanks to zoe helding for her help.


discord app/bot to send sms back and forth between a discord server and single phone number







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