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Work-in-progress scene graph package
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elm-3d-scene is a high-level Elm package for producing 3D graphics. It aims to make creating 3D graphics as easy and enjoyable as possible, without having to worry about low-level details like shader programs and transformation matrices but still including powerful features such as:

  • Efficient animated transformations
  • Physically-based materials
  • Multiple light sources
  • Accurate shadows

The documentation for elm-3d-scene (including this README!) is still being worked on, but once that is done (soon!) it will be published as a normal Elm package. In the meantime, you can watch my elm-conf talk and try out the package by checking out this repository and then firing up elm reactor in the examples folder.

Any questions/feedback, please open an issue or reach out to @ianmackenzie on the Elm Slack!

Climate action

I would like for the projects I work on to be as helpful as possible in addressing the climate crisis. If

  • you are working on a project that helps address the climate crisis (clean energy, public transit, reforestation, sustainable agriculture etc.) either as an individual, as part of an non-profit organization or even as part of a for-profit company, and
  • there is a new feature you would find helpful for that work (or a bug you need fixed) in any of my open-source projects, then

please open a new issue, describe briefly what you're working on and I will treat that issue as high priority.

Physics simulation

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