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Seattle PHP Meetup Group's Tic Tac Toe via interfaces project
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Seattle PHP Meetup Group's Tic Tac Toe via Interfaces project


  • Copy the foloder class_blanks to myTicTacToe.
  • Edit index.php and change the value of $projectDir to './myTicTacToe'.
  • Examine the files in the interfaces/ folder. Pay close attention to the comments for each method.
  • Implement each of the classes (or copy in someone else's implementation) within the myTicTacToe dir according to the appropriate interface.
  • Netbeans 7.2 or a similar IDE with code completion is suggested to help streamline your workflow.


PHP 5.4 approach

  • cd into the SeaPHP-TicTacToe root directory
  • run the following: sudo php -S localhost:8080
  • Browse to http://localhost:8080

    Note: if you want to share your project with other people, open up port 8080 on your firewall, determine the IP address of your computer, and use that IP address instead of 'localhost' in the above commands.

Generic PHP 5 approach

  • Upload the files to your web root and access index.php via browser.
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