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A word processor/dictionary/generally useful tool for linguistics
Visual Basic C#
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Language Pad
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Screenshot Language Pad is a word processor, like WordPad, that has conlanging-oriented features. It began as a part of one of the programs I was making a while back, Thorn, and split off into it's own separate program and I added more features such as buttons to easily insert IPA characters, accent marks, and custom symbols. A few versions later, someone requested tabbed pages, so I added them, and you can now have multiple pages in the same file (called a "notebook" in Language Pad). And with version 6.0, I added a way to store and organize your words into a dictionary that can be stored in the "notebook."

• Easily insert IPA characters
• Easily insert other symbols and custom symbols
• Easily apply accent marks
• Pages are stored in a "notebook" that you can add and remove pages from
• A built in dictionary to store your words in along with the notebook
• Ability to import and export CSV files for dictionaries
• Export dictionary to html tables

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