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Learning Rust. Building something bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a house.
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Implimentation of Fermat Prime Test in Rust!

Now converted and built for WebAssembly!!

Wait, Why?

I'm trying to lean Rust and I want to build something that is not just from a tutorial.

Why are you trying to lean Rust?

Rust has great support and tooling for WebAssembly. Really, being able to build WebAssembly modules is the goal.

OK, but why a Fermat Prime Test?

Because it's something "bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a house". A lot of WebAssembly articles and tutorials show you some graphics heavy game or desktop application ported to WebAssembly, then only show code for building a trivial add function. I want something in between. The Fermat Prime Test is not trivial, but is simple enough that anyone with some programming knowledge should be able to follow what is going on.




wasm-pack build -t web

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