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;Copyright 2009 Ian McEwen ;
;This file is part of the Code-Immersion software collaboration framework. ;
; ;
; Code-Immersion is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify ;
; it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published ;
; by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or ;
; (at your option) any later version. ;
; ;
; Code-Immersion is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, ;
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of ;
; GNU Affero General Public License for more details. ;
; ;
; You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License ;
; along with Code-Immersion. If not, see <>. ;
#lang scheme
(require scheme/tcp)
(require "")
(require "")
(require "")
(provide daemon register-with)
;registration function
;#:server Server hostname or IP, as a string.
;#:port Server port, as an integer.
(define (register-with #:server [server (SERVER)] #:port [port (SERVER-PORT)] #:datastore-put [datastore-put (car DATASTORE)] #:datastore-get [datastore-get (cadr DATASTORE)])
(let-values ([(server->me me->server)
(tcp-connect server port)])
;This is in standard (NAME TYPE MESSAGE) format, except you only really need
;type for this. Hence.
(write `("" "register" "") me->server)
;clean up output port, then loop over the input port for responses from server
(close-output-port me->server)
(do ([exit-loop #f]) (exit-loop)
(let ([response (read server->me)])
[(eof-object? response)]
[(equal? response "break") (set! exit-loop #t)]
[else (format-prettily response) (datastore-put (cadr response) `(,(car response) ,(caddr response)))]))
(sleep 1))
(close-input-port server->me)))
;the daemon itself
(define (daemon #:server [server (SERVER)] #:server-port [server-port (SERVER-PORT)] #:self-port [self-port (DAEMON-PORT)] #:datastore-put [datastore-put (car DATASTORE)] #:datastore-get [datastore-get (cadr DATASTORE)])
(let ([register-thread (thread (λ () (register-with #:server server #:port server-port)))])
(define-listener-and-verifier self-port #t
(;Send source to the client (AGPL compliance).
[(equal? type "source")
(write (print-all-source) me->client)]
;TODO: Write some sort of interactive help.
[(equal? type "help")
(write "Help is not yet implemented" me->client)]
;For text
[(equal? type "text")
(write `(,(string-append (car message) (format " index ~a" (cadr message))) "text" ,(datastore-get "text" message)) me->client)]
;For code
[(equal? type "code")
(write `(,(string-append (car message) (format " index ~a" (cadr message))) "code" ,(datastore-get "code" message)) me->client)]
;Users list
[(equal? type "users")
(write `("List of users" "users" ,(remove-duplicates ((caddr DATASTORE)))) me->client)]
;For re-registering
[(equal? type "reregister")
(kill-thread register-thread)
(set! register-thread (thread (λ () (register-with #:server server #:port server-port))))
(write `("daemon" "text" "Reregistered.") me->client)]
;Else be upset
[else (write `("server" "text" ,(format "Invalid type: ~a" type)) me->client)]))))