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;Copyright 2009 Ian McEwen ;
;This file is part of the Code-Immersion software collaboration framework. ;
; ;
; Code-Immersion is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify ;
; it under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License as published ;
; by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or ;
; (at your option) any later version. ;
; ;
; Code-Immersion is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, ;
; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of ;
; GNU Affero General Public License for more details. ;
; ;
; You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero General Public License ;
; along with Code-Immersion. If not, see <>. ;
#lang scheme
(require "")
(require mzlib/defmacro)
(provide ignoring-errors
;Data validation function
(define (verify-data data)
[(not (list? data)) #f]
[(not (eq? (length data) 3)) #f]
[(and (string? (car data)) (string? (cadr data)))
[(equal? (cadr data) "code")
[(equal? (cadr data) "users")
[(equal? (cadr data) "text")
(if (string? (caddr data))
(if (not (string=? (caddr data) "")) #t #f)
(if (list? (caddr data)) #t #f))]
[(equal? (cadr data) "register")
(if (string? (caddr data))
(if (string=? (caddr data) "") #t #f)
[(equal? (cadr data) "source")
(if (string? (caddr data))
(if (string=? (caddr data) "") #t #f)
(if (string? (caddr data)) #t #f)])]
[else #f]))
;formatting function for displaying messages/code
(define (format-prettily message #:format-string [format-string (FORMAT-STRING)])
(let ([name (car message)] [type (cadr message)] [message (caddr message)])
(display (format format-string type name message))))
;A basic function that runs whatever code you throw at it ignoring every error that
;said code might have (returning #t). Should probably return a special value to
;indicate there was an error, but this is unnecessary for now.
(define (ignoring-errors code)
(with-handlers ([(lambda (exn) #t) (lambda (exn) #t)])
(eval code)))
;AGPL compliance: making it possible to send source through the application
;create a string from a text file. probably hackish and bad. So shoot me.
(define (string-from-text-file text-file-port)
(let ([return-string ""])
(if (eof-object? (peek-string 1 0 text-file-port))
(string-append (read-line text-file-port) "\n"
(string-from-text-file text-file-port)))))
;return a massive string that's all the source files all together
(define (print-all-source)
(let ([utilities (open-input-file "" #:mode 'text)]
[server (open-input-file "" #:mode 'text)]
[client (open-input-file "" #:mode 'text)]
[daemon (open-input-file "" #:mode 'text)]
[datastore (open-input-file "" #:mode 'text)]
[config-example (open-input-file "" #:mode 'text)]
[copying (open-input-file "COPYING" #:mode 'text)])
(string-append "UTILITIES.SS:\n\n" (string-from-text-file utilities) "\n\n"
"DATASTORE.SS:\n\n" (string-from-text-file datastore) "\n\n"
"SERVER.SS:\n\n" (string-from-text-file server) "\n\n"
"DAEMON.SS:\n\n" (string-from-text-file daemon) "\n\n"
"CLIENT.SS:\n\n" (string-from-text-file client) "\n\n"
"CONFIG-EXAMPLE.SS:\n\n" (string-from-text-file config-example) "\n\n"
"COPYING:\n\n" (string-from-text-file copying))))
;server/daemon macro!
(define-macro (define-listener-and-verifier port close? body)
`(let ([listener (tcp-listen ,port)])
;So it keeps going, and going, and going...
(with-handlers (((lambda (exn) #t) (lambda (exn)
(tcp-close listener) (kill-thread (current-thread)))))
(let loop ()
(let-values ([(client->me me->client)
(tcp-accept listener)])
(with-handlers (((lambda (exn) #t) (lambda (exn) (close-input-port client->me) (close-output-port me->client) (raise exn))))
;Reading the s-expression that should have been sent by a client,
;verifying it, then processing it based on the type
(let ([data (read client->me)])
(if (verify-data data)
(let ([name (car data)]
[type (cadr data)]
[message (caddr data)])
;Check what exactly they want with a cond over (eq? type ...)
(write '("server" "text" "Malformed data was ignored.") me->client)
(close-output-port me->client))))
;Whoops, we don't want this closed sometimes!
,(when close? '(close-output-port me->client))
(close-input-port client->me))