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Automation for everyone

A ShutItFile is an extension of the Dockerfile concept for shell automation.

In the same way that Dockerfiles were designed as a simple way to create Docker images, ShutItFiles are a simple way to create ShutIt scripts.

ShutItFiles can be used to automate tasks, or automate the building of composable Docker images.

Here's an annotated example of an bash script which:

  • Logs onto a server
  • Runs a command and waits until it completes
  • pings a server, and takes different actions based on its output
  • Gives you a shell mid-run to do with what you will
  • Logs out
# Specify we are working in a simple bash shell (the default). Other options
# include 'docker' container.

# Log into my server
# A password is likely required, so we prompt for one here
GET_PASSWORD Input your password

# Run the command 'whoami'
RUN whoami
# If the output of the previous RUN command is not as we expect (imiell),
# throw an error

# Ensure a file is removed, sleep for 15 seconds, then create that file
# Run in the background
RUN rm -f /tmp/event_complete && sleep 15 && touch /tmp/event_complete &
# List files in the /tmp directory
RUN ls /tmp
# Wait until the output of the previous command contains the filename created.
# It re-tries every 5 seconds until this is seen.
UNTIL ['.*event_complete.*']

# ping and run different commands based on what happens
SEND ping -c 1 -t 1
EXPECT_REACT ['.*0 packets received.*=echo error > /tmp/bbc_pingres','.*Time to live exceeded.*=echo ttl_exceed > /tmp/bbc_pingres','.*1 packets received.*=echo ok > /tmp/bbc_pingres','.*Unknown host.*=echo unknown > /tmp/bbc_pingres']

# You can debug by creating a 'pause point'. This will give you a shell mid-run
# to examine the state of the system.
PAUSE_POINT You now have a shell to examine the situation

# Exit the session

Here is a video of the above script being run on my laptop.

asciicast of above script

A cheat sheet for ShutIt commands is available here


sudo pip install shutit


See here