Twitter bot to help foster discussion among the development community
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A Twitter bot to help foster discussion among the development community. By tweeting with the hashtag #DevTalk, you can be matched up with another member of the #DevTalk community for discussion.

How It Works

Every time the system receives a tweet, it looks at the last 100 tweets using the hashtag #DevTalk and finds the cosine simularity between the new tweet and the tweet found. It finds the tweet with the highest similarity score, and then connects the two users.


The system is currently very much a work-in-progress and is very inefficient. Here is a (continuously updated) list of improvements to be made:

  • Store old tweets every hour
  • Create hashmap of tweets on retrieval with vector sum
  • Remove usernames and links from counters
  • Create new status objects that strip unnecessary information to reduce server load

I also eventually hope to implement a system that measures semantic similarity (as opposed to just surface similarity) through natural language processing.


Coming soon!