Shell-based IRC Client
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Shell-based IRC client

Requires the nc utility, standard on Mac OS X (in fact, the whole thing is probably hardcoded to just work on Mac OS X).


$ ./ connect 6667 steven
logging in...success
$ ./ join %ubuntu
$ tail -f var/out/%ubuntu
<erUSUL> chogoling: the modification. if it fix your boot problems we can only know when you reboot
<perlsyntax> or is there a package i need to install?
<chogoling> thanks erUSUL  and ActionParsnip
$ echo 'hi guys! :)' > var/in/%ubuntu
$ ./ part %ubuntu
$ ./ quit


  • The API uses % because # is a comment character in bash. So use % where # is expected.
  • Make sure to part all channels before you quit, or you will have rogue processes!