ColorThief wrapper for AngularJS
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ngColorThief is a wrapper for the ColorThief library to extract dominant colors and color palettes from images.

Note: cross-domain images will not work unless they're served with the correct CORS headers. Furthermore, you need to add the cross-origin attribute to image tags for this to work.


Install via bower

bower install angular-colorthief --save

Or just copy the angular-colorthief.min.js file to your project. Next, add the module as a dependency to your project:

angular.module('yourApp', ['ngColorThief'])

How To

ngColorThief provides a service and a directive. The simplest way to grab colors is to use the directive on an image tag:

<img ng-src="{{myImage}}" color-thief color-thief-dominant="colors.myDominantColor">

When the image loads, myDominantColor will contain an array with the dominant color (eg: [255, 250, 109]). You could apply this to the container:

<div class="container" ng-style="{'background-color': 'rgb('+colors.dominantColor[0]+', '+colors.dominantColor[1]+', '+colors.dominantColor[2]+')'}">
    <img ng-src="{{myImage}}" color-thief color-thief-dominant="colors.myDominantColor">

You can also grab a color palette:

<img ng-src="{{myImage}}" color-thief color-thief-palette="colors.myPalette">

And specify a color count

<img ng-src="{{myImage}}" color-thief color-thief-palette="colors.myPalette" color-thief-palette-count="4">

The service simply provides an almost direct interface to a colorThief instance:

app.controller('MyCtrl', function ($colorThief) {
  var image = /*...*/;

  var dominant = $colorThief.getColor(image);
  var palette = $colorThief.getPalette(image);

Refer to ColorThief's documentation to know more.

Global Settings

You can configure global settings via the provider

app.config(function ($colorThiefProvider) {
  // Set the default quality

  // Set the default palette color count

  // Set wether to return arrays (ColorThief's default) or
  // objects like {r: 242, g: 124, b: 91} (false by default).


The library is minimized using Closure Compiler with the following command

closure-compiler --js_output_file=angular-colorthief.min.js --compilation_level SIMPLE angular-colorthief.js


Pull requests are welcome! Please fork, create a branch and submit a pull request.


MIT License.