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# Generate stripack python modules
FC = gfortran
FFLAGS = -g -Wall
FF90 = stripack/stripack.f90
DF90 = stripack/stripackd.f90
OVERWRITE = --overwrite-signature
all: stripack_float stripack_double
stripack_float: stripack/stripack_float.pyf $(FF90)
cd stripack && f2py -c stripack_float.pyf ../$(FF90)
stripack_double: stripack/stripack_double.pyf $(DF90)
cd stripack && f2py -c stripack_double.pyf ../$(DF90)
gen-pyf: $(FF90) $(DF90)
# Generate pyf files. This will wipe out any edits to the pyf files
f2py -m stripack_float -h stripack/stripack_float.pyf $(FF90) $(OVERWRITE)
f2py -m stripack_double -h stripack/stripack_double.pyf $(DF90) $(OVERWRITE)
-rm -rf stripack/
-rm -rf stripack/
-rm -rf */*.o
-rm -rf test-bin/*
-rm -rf test-out/*
# Targets below for regresssion testing fortran code
regression-tests: stripack_prb stripack_prb2 stripackd_prb stripackd_prb2
cd test-out && for exe in $^ ; do \
../test-bin/$${exe} > $${exe}.out ; \
done ;
- diff test-out/stripack_prb.out original/stripack/stripack_prb.out
- diff test-out/stripackd_prb.out original/stripack/stripackd_prb.out
stripack_prb: original/stripack/stripack_prb.o stripack/stripack.o
$(FC) $^ -o test-bin/$@
stripack_prb2: original/stripack/stripack_prb2.o stripack/stripack.o
$(FC) $^ -o test-bin/$@
stripackd_prb: original/stripack/stripackd_prb.o stripack/stripackd.o
$(FC) $^ -o test-bin/$@
stripackd_prb2: original/stripack/stripackd_prb2.o stripack/stripackd.o
$(FC) $^ -o test-bin/$@
# Pattern rule for building f90 .o files
%.o: %.f90
$(FC) $(FFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
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