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CBM 231 drivers for Aruino+WiShield to turn a receipt printer into a remote social microprinter
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The Social Microrinter is an Arudio+WiShield+CBM 231 combination, it reads tweets and other info from a website and prints them to the CBM 231 when a button is pressed. Full write-up:

This sketch assumes you have a WiShield 1.0 with 1.3 drivers, when the button is pressed it'll talk to to get the latest printable info.

FOR THE SERVER: gets tweets and prepares an output file called index.html. This is read by the Arduino sketch, it includes the control characters for bold and underline. is taken from BenOSteen's excellent:

I use the following line to run a cron job every 2 minutes, it runs and outputs index.html
*/2 * * * * /usr/local/bin/python2.5 /home/ianozsvald/webapps/app_microprinter/
runs the script every two mins
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