Convert London Oytser rail+tube+bus PDF journey histories into a Pandas DataFrame as an HDF5 file
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Given PDFs from Oyster website showing London Bus and Train journeys this script parses the PDFs, extracts line items and outputs a full Pandas DataFrame. Write-up:

The data is downloaded via:

  2. "View Joureny History"
  3. Select a month to view
  4. Download the PDF

Given a PDF file from the Oyster website (or a folder of them), it'll generate an HDF5 based on a DataFrame that looks like:

                             from is_train                to
2016-01-30  Bus Journey, Route 46    False                  
2016-01-28           Kentish Town     True  Leicester Square
2016-01-28             Old Street     True      Kentish Town
2016-01-28       Leicester Square     True        Old Street
2016-01-27                  Angel     True      Kentish Town


$ python --filename="pdfs/Amex_1001_201511.pdf"  # convert a single PDF

$ python --directory="pdfs"  # search pdfs folder for PDFs

The data can be loaded back in to Pandas with df = pandas.read_hdf('journeys.hdf5').


$ py.test


This is a "quick hack" in an evening to process the PDFs, written with:

$ pdftotext --help
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