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import cPickle
import os
import get_data
# output file once we've summarised the screen_names per users
ALL_NAMES = os.path.join(get_data.DATA_DIR, "all_names.pickle")
def get_names(sn):
"""Get a list of twitter followers"""
fr_filename, fo_filename = get_data.get_filenames(screen_name)
# load just the followers
filename = fo_filename
names = cPickle.load(open(filename))
return names
if __name__ == "__main__":
# summarise the screen_names from Twitter's JSON into a simple dictionary
all_names = {}
for screen_name in get_data.screen_names:
all_names[screen_name] = set([sn.screen_name for sn in get_names(screen_name)])
# we can get an overlapping set with something like this:
cPickle.dump(all_names, open(ALL_NAMES, "w"), protocol=2)
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